Thank you for another fabulous Summit. This year’s event was wonderful and the presenters were all outstanding. If I had to critique one area which disappointed me, this would be my inability to take advantage of all three workshops. It was tough to have to choose just one when each were equally important to me. We (Dave, JP and I ) look forward to seeing you again next year.  – Linda Davis, VP Hotel Marketing Group

I thought the conference was excellent and will immediately make sure we have budgeted to attend next year. I’m looking forward to implementing the many great suggestions and strategies that were shared during the info-packed sessions.  – Mary L. Fugere, CMP, CTIS, Hampton Convention & Visitor Bureau

First of all, thanks to you for providing eBrains a great sponsorship opportunity…a great investment. Looking at the conference from an attendee for a moment, I probably am passing on to you items that you have already heard, but just for the record.
Content was great…timely, relevant and targeted appropriately.
 – Larry Dickerson, Partner EBrains

This was our first time attending the Summit. I was looking for a “jump-start” into these topics, and your program really nailed it. Even though we are not a DMO or VCB, almost all of the content was applicable to our business — a domestic niche tour operator. The quality of the presenters was excellent, especially considering the relatively small size of the audience, and I made a few potentially valuable contacts. We’ll be back. – Dan Wulfman, Tracks & Trails

It was so well done and a real “eye-opener” for me. I can apply some of the points presented to my day to day operations of both departments that I direct. An educational program that makes a mark! Kudos to you and your staff.Sandy Leucania, Daytona Beach CVB

 Thanks again for another good conference. –Maresa Thompson,                                    Interactive and Design Manager, Albuquerque CVB


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