Prepare to Drink From a Fire Hose at #eTS14











We’re all very excited about seeing everybody at #eTS14 next week in San Francisco.

Drinking in the knowledge

We’ve designed the program to reflect the fast-paced ways online marketing has evolved.  Prepare to drink from a fire hose as 79 presenters offer a stream of information in 15-minute (or shorter) segments built around your pain points and our commitment to provide attendees with a comprehensive view of what’s available. Of these 79 presenters, 23 are your peers: DMOs and attractions sharing insights from their experiences and initiatives.

In our attempt to show you the breadth of information, our content will not provide great depth, so we’ve added rotating round tables, a networking reception and lunch as well as DigMe media marketplace where 60 of you can follow up one-to-one.

Walking through the meadow

In our 15th year, we’ve identified several overarching trends reflected in the program that’s crafted to help us all understand the vast array of new media tools sprouting like wildflowers in a meadow.

First, with Facebook at less than 2 percent organic reach while the cost of their paid programs are increasing 24 percent, there has been a shift to identifying other pay-to-play options.

Second, the redefinition of content marketing and how it has driven organic engagement — which also raises questions about who’s going to carry the bricks to get all that content loaded. This issue has created what the New York Times called the “Personal Video Industrial Complex” complete with influencers who also, in many cases, are also being paid.

Third, there’s the fact that now it is not only possible to measure branding, but with the right targeting tools, highly specific audiences can be reached at various stages of the sales funnel.

 Appreciating the intimacy

Please join me in showing our appreciation to eTourism Summit sponsors, as their support allows us to limit attendance so that you have easy access to thought leaders and experts across multiple platforms.

Since ‘networking’ is our middle name, we’re introducing DigMe, a two-hour beta event followed by a reception where you can pick the brains of  27 vendors, agencies and experts to learn more about new digital products after having your questions answered in 10-minute speed dating sessions. We’ll look forward to your feedback to see if we should dedicate a full day to the event next year.


Looking forward to meeting you at #eTS14.  Maybe we should call it The Knowledge Factory.


Jake and the eTourism Summit Team



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