Cool, Curated Content for the Countdown to #eTS14


21 Days To Go: Lookers = == Bookers

How to convert lookers to bookers? Macy’s has been leading the pack and doing it right for 156 years. Keri Hanson presents digital tips of the trade at #eTS14.

20 Days To Go: Video —-> Hyperlapse!

Hyper-cool. Only three weeks post-launch, Hyperlapse app is embraced by brands, contagious for users and hailed by Wired: “It’s like putting a $15,000 video set-up in your hand.”

19 Days To Go: The Parts < THE WHOLE

New Partnership Math: 1 + 1 = 6. Exponential factors are at work, creating win-win potential for clever destination and attraction marketers. Best example stories are coming up at #eTS14.

18 Days To Go: Tourism + Conservation

Congrats to Academy Award documentary film winner and leading conservationist Louie Psihoyos and team on the staging of IllUmiNations last night. The intersection of tourism and conservation matters; the whole world is watching.

17 Days To Go: You + Me beating-heart Plain Talking

We love geeks, but we always talk in plain English at #eTS14. Here’s the story of the Internet told in maps. We think you’ll like it.

16 Days To Go: imgres

Are you totally hooked? Enid Hwang tells Jake Steinman that she can unlock potential for us, taking Pinterest to the next level for destination and attraction marketers at #eTS14.

15 Days To Go: Churchillian Strategy: search

Set your digital reach objectives somewhat short of worldwide domination, but why not think big?
We’re excited to hear David Fluegge of Colorado Tourism and Gathan Borden of Visit Louisville talk about strategy, skill sets and social media at #eTS14.



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