Good Storytelling Never Gets Old: On the Agenda at #eTS14


30 Days To Go: Tell Me a Story

Reach for the stars. Ask Jennifer Coleman from ScenicWA how she generated a stellar 1,240% organic reach with a post designed for successful storytelling on a cellphone. #eTS14

28 Days To Go: Curating LA Stories

What’s Your L.A. Story? Los Angeles Tourism’s Leslie Guettler reveals how they crowd-sourced hundreds of LA stories for the summer campaign.

27, 26 Days To Go: Corporate Storytelling

Is corporate storytelling bullshit? Sparkloft Media‘s CEO Martin Stoll thinks so! He’ll share a couple reasons why at #eTS14.

25 Days To Go: A Picture Tells 1,000 Words

Passion for Pinterest = Platforms we all want to know more about. Pleased to have Community Manager Enid Hwang, one of Pinterest’s first employees presenting at #eTS14.

24 Days To Go: Whisper in My Ear

We like: “Sleeping with the Enemy.” David Atkins of Visit Pittsburgh is on to a pretty sexy shoulder season solution. Hear more at #eTS14.

23 Days To Go: Just Whistle for Me

We’ve heard of ‘Whistle While You Work’ — and now Twitter is suggesting ‘Buy While You Tweet’? Hi-Ho!
Let’s get the latest on Twitter developments from Brian Carr.

22 Days To Go: Facebook’s Latest Story

How will you vote in this social media engagement debate? Pro: “It’s not Facebook, it’s your content.” Con: “Facebook’s giving us the finger, it’s about money.”



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