What Google Sees & More, On the Agenda #eTS14


Loïc Le Meur, a developer, wearing Google Glass explorer edition in 2013 (Photo credit: Loïc Le Meur)


46 Days To Go: Google gets an eye exam

Simpleview’s Search Analyst Sandee Jordan provides details about what the omnipresent search giant actually sees.

45 Days To Go: Sit at the front of the classroom

Small and mid-size businesses learn from big spenders. What’s working in video marketing is pay per view after 30 seconds.

44 Days To Go: Join the debate club

How will you vote in this social media engagement debate? Pro: “It’s not Facebook, it’s your content.” Con: “Facebook’s giving us the finger, it’s about money.”

43 Days To Go: Copy a friend’s homework

Milena Regos of Out and About Marketing liked Tourism Montreal‘s #MTLMOMENTS campaign from eTS13’s session, “Steal These Ideas” …and re-worked it with success.

42 Days To Go: Know the school rules

Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation will be able to hand out a $10 million penalty to marketers who break the rules. Check out CASL explained here by MailChimp.

41 Days To Go: Keep your batteries charged

 Twenty DMOs and attractions will relate their digital campaigns and marketing ideas at #eTS14.

40 Days To Go: Remember your lunch money

We drill down budgeting for digital at #eTS14: What’s the difference between KPI and ROI? How should marketers use each at budget decision- making time?

39 Days To Go: Listen and take notes

Read Jim Brody’s guest post below for a useful cheat sheet on managing online reputation.




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