Contribute to the Countdown: eTourism Summit 2014


We’re adding daily updates to our digital pointers list called “60 Ideas and Tips for the 60-Day Countdown,” leading up to the 15th Annual eTourism Summit, October 8-9, 2014.

In case you’ve missed any of the latest tidbits…or, even better, if you’ve got one to share, get in touch on our Facebook page.

53 Days To Go: Forget About Free Lunch

Facebook executives state it succinctly: “Think of us as a publisher.” That’s pretty darn clear.

52 Days To Go: Always Live in Beta

Shifting sands. Just when you think you get it, they’ll change it. As Lee McCabe, head of travel at Facebook said, “If it works, it’s obsolete.” Clearly applies to Google and the other platforms.

51 Days To Go: Manage Masterfully

This stuff is not for interns. “Social media coordinators need the skill set of a Harvard MBA grad…who can juggle, too,” according to Martin Stoll, Sparkloft Media.

50 Days To Go: Stake Out Your Space

Are you joining our Attractions Track? Make sure you do these 3 things: “Claim your free real estate on: 1) Google Places with photos, 2) video for 360º Google Maps Business View and 3) optimized mobile.” – Shaun Aukland, Google Account Executive.

49 Days To Go: Play it Again

Destinations can rock by attracting viewers through music videos. Marla Johnson at Aristotle Inc. works with DMOs and a Grammy-winning songwriter to develop great original tunes.

48 Days To GoSharpen Your Pencil

Content Marketing in 2014 is as different from Content Marketing in 2013 as day is from night.

47 Days To Go: Rope Them In

Visit Tucson generated a remarkable 400% organic reach via Facebook using a post featuring dude ranches. We’re going to find out how.


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