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Among all the conversations and interviews, RSS feeds, emails, tweets and Facebook content that reaches our desks everyday, a few simply stated pearls of wisdom shine more brightly. These are the gems that steer us as we collaborate with experts on our forward programming to #eTS14.

That’s why we’re curating “60 Ideas and tips for the 60-Day Countdown” leading up to the 15th Annual eTourism Summit, October 8-9, 2014.

Attendance update: As of today, we have 16 spots left for eTourism Summit.

In case you’ve missed any gems this week…or, even better…if you’ve got one to share, get in touch on our Facebook page.

60 Days To Go: Locals = Organic Engagement

There they are! Just look out your office window. Residents of your own fair city are evangelists-in-the-making, as we heard from Seen in Cincinnati and Montreal Moments at #eTS13.  Allison Cooper, Visit Tucson, puts it well, “Your target market for Facebook fans are locals with civic pride who like to brag about where they live to their out-of-town friends.”

59 Days To Go: How to Find New Influencers

A wise suggestion from Nate Huff, Miles Media, “Harness the power of your community. Underemployed event planners, bloggers, photojournalists and videographers make great partners.”

58 Days To Go: Curate Like You’re Hanging Art at the Met

Like a museum, it’s not about filling halls and walls. “Curate your content like a museum would. What you don’t post is as important as what you do post,” points out Martin Stoll, Sparkloft Media. Free lunch is over; you’re paying to distribute your news. “Look at your social media platforms as niche publishers,” is the advice direct from Facebook executives.

57 Days To Go: Top Trends for 2015 from MMGY’s Media Supervisor

MMGY Media’s Jessica Cox calls out these 2015 “trends that continue to change the way we plan, buy and consume media.” She foresees an even bigger focus on Attribution, plus continuing conversations around Viewability, Cross-platform media, Native advertising, and Programmatic buying. Are you ready?

56 Days To Go: How to Budget For Interactive Marketing in 2015

According to Lynn Carpenter, Chief Marketing Officer for Visit California, it should look like: 70% spent on bread and butter proven programs; 20% on innovative new ideas and 10% on bleeding edge experimental programs. Does that formula work for smaller DMOs and attractions as well?

55 Days To GoWhat About Facebook and Real Time Comms?

Krupa Patel, Facebook, hinted that “B2C two-way communications is a future Facebook strategy.” Does this mean Facebook engagement evolves to brands communicating with followers via real time chat on Facebook Messenger? What will it cost?

54 Days To Go: Do You Eat Wheat?

“Programmatic buying is the gluten of advertising.” It’s a buzzword everybody uses, but few understand, according to Jimmy Kimmel (who is not a speaker at #eTS14!) as reported in AdAge. Could programmatic buying have different meanings for different uses?


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