Tracks You May Have Missed: Sweet Tweets # Do You Think in #Hashtags?

By Laurie Jo Miller Farr

Every occasion, every behavior, every holiday is a moment to connect.Dan Greene, Director of Online Sales at Twitter, at #ETS13

TwittericonWrapping your head around the enormous scale of it is not so easy. How to create short and sassy messages to stand out among Twitter’s 250 million monthly active users generating moments of engagement counted in the billions? Well, it’s easier than you think.

Did you know that as we tweet, Twitter tracks trends, topics and patterns such as “feeling tired”, “eating”, “running?” Each of these behavior cycles represents opportunities for travel product promotion such as holidays, vacation time, spring breaks, festivals, charity fun runs. And where there is shared behavior, there are hashtags.

Think of hashtags as word-of-mouth.

Dan Greene, Director of Online Sales @Twitter encourages thinking about large-scale events that make sense for a brand to “interject yourself into conversations.” Just tie these themes into a year-round campaign to be well prepared for the Twitter platform. Reducing a thought to 140 characters may feel like a challenge, but nobody worries about that anymore, since tweet links can take your audience farther.  Remember the old-fashioned “Wish You Were Here!” postcards?

 Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 11.49.06 AM

Drive traffic   —>>> to your website.

You may not need bums in beds for big events like #AmericasCup and #RoseBowl. But, you can use the behavior strategy for shoulder and off-peak periods, too. Greene suggests keeping these pointers in mind: 

  • determine your objectives
  • be conversational
  • engage with followers
  • retweet selectively
  • have a personality that plays well
  • remember that initially, tweets only reach followers

Budget wisely. 

Therefore, you must promote your sweetest tweets to get them in front of others. There are no rules about time of day, but keep time zones in mind if your target audiences are far-flung.


Pictures tell 1,000 words.

Still feeling challenged by 140 characters? Supplement your message using still and moving images. Have fun with Vine, a six-second looping video-sharing service purchased by Twitter in October 2012.  Great for “adding value to everyday moments,” Greene suggests Vine is another inexpensive tool in the shed for DMOs.

Our takeaways:

  • Tweet in line with your objectives
  • Create a personality
  • Identify conversations that resonate 
  • Promote your best tweets 
  • Stay on top of customer service via reply button

Tweet and have fun. 


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