The New, The Many, The Traveling Digital Elite:

The New, The Many, The Traveling Digital Elite: The “Digital Elite”—a term used MMGY Global/Harrison Group in a just completed survey—are defined as travelers who either own or access the internet on both a smartphone and tablet. Smartphone usage among active travelers has nearly tripled in just two years—from 23 percent in 2011 to 62 percent in 2013. Tablet adoption has been even more rapid, with only seven percent of travelers using them to access the internet in 2011, up six-fold to 43 percent this year. From the digital facts in the survey:
• Half of the “Digital Elite” have children in their household (50 percent), compared with just 37 percent of less-connected travelers.
• Are much more likely to have traveled with their kids (51 compared to 38 percent).
• Are significantly more likely to agree that their children influence the actual selection of vacation destinations (78 vs. 70 percent).
• Are considerably more likely to try to relax while staying in touch with the office (40 vs. 30 percent).
• Desire more time to relax and unwind (86 vs. 81 percent).
• Engage in “relaxing” activities more on vacation than they do at home, including drinking alcoholic beverages (53 vs. 43 percent), making love (41 vs. 35 percent), sleeping (38 to 32 percent) and reading (38 to 34 percent).
• Eight in 10 are on Facebook (81 percent) compared to just 70 percent of those who own and use fewer digital devices,
• Nearly half are on LinkedIn (48 percent vs. 28 percent).
• More than three in 10 are active on Twitter (33 percent) compared to just 19 percent of their counterparts.
• Nearly one quarter (23 percent) is on YouTube (versus 19 percent) and Google (23 vs. 13 percent). Twice as many are on Pinterest (19 percent vs. 9 percent).


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