1.       Novel Ways to Capitalize on Facebook’s New DIscovery Engine

1.       Novel Ways to Capitalize on Facebook’s New Discovery Engine–Social Graph

 2.       The E-Tourism Debates: Oxford Style debating meets the concise richness of Pecha Kucha in a series of debates over topics such as:

  • Responsive Design is the wave of the future
  • Mobile enabled websites are more important for DMO’s than APPS
  • ROI : Albert Einstein was right when he said: “Not Everything that counts can be measured and not everything that can be measured counts.”
  • Third Party Booking engines are necessary for every DMO
  • New Benchmarking Systems for DMOS: Arena  vs  Mark

3.       New Benchmarking Products available for DMO’s; Arena and Mark

 4.       What’s the Difference between Native Advertising and Naïve Advertising?

 5.       Pay-For-Performance Advertising:  New  search marketing and retargeting products reduce advertising risk.

 6.       Free and Paid Strategies to Make Twitter Work for You

 7.       Best and Worst Destination Videos and why They Succeed or Suck

 8.       ROI Smackdown: Big Data Envy: Who’s Data is the most finely targeted for your product?

 9.       SEO: How Do You Optimize against the 2300 algorithm changes implement by  Google this year via Penguin and Panda?

10.    Five Keys to Getting Your Site to rank in Google’s Top Five

11.   The Future of E-Mail Marketing

  • What Works and What Doesn’t In Subject Lines;
  • How to optimize e-mails for mobile search
  • New segmentation
  • E-mail delivery issues

12.   The New Prominence of Bloggers in developing an SEO strategy

13.   Advance Social Media Strategies to Reach International Visitors 

14.   Which International Markets Are Most responsive to Social Media

15.   Case Study: Using Big Data to Reach International Visitors

16.   Three Stages of Mobile Marketing: Pre-Arrival- In-Market- Post Market

17.   Understanding (and interpreting) the latest  Analytics Features recently introduced by Google and Facebook

18.   How to Initiate A Cross Platform Social Media Campaign

19.   Using Social Media to Meet Meeting Planners

20.   Advanced Ways to Use Instagram and Pinterest for Tourism

Just to Name A Few…of the companies invited to present this year include:  Google, Facebook, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo! , Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIN, Yelp!, Airbnb, FourSquare, Zynga


Eat Google’s Lunch: Optional Pre-Conference Field Trip to Google’s Mt. View HQ has been confirmed for October 8th. This field trip will include a tour of the Googleplex, Lunch, and workshop led by Google and Youtube DMO/Attraction Team.


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