Rapid City CVB first to implement new itinerary-builder

Michelle Thompson, tourism director for the Rapid City, (SD) CVB, saw a presentation for a new type of itinerary builder at the NAJ Summit in Los Angeles last year and became intrigued. The company, Your Tour, a Belgium company that has powered trip-building tools for European tourism boards for years, has developed what many believe to be the next generation tour-building application that provides a robustness that far exceeds the plethora of shopping cart-style itinerary builders found on most destination websites.

Under ‘build me a trip” it asks for number of adults, children, dates of visit and radius in miles (65).  Within 5 seconds the initial tour is built; here is the overview. http://www.yourtour.com/rapidcity/overview?tid=aa2d9871-758f-4fb3-9dff-e8f52beabf8b/  With a “customize” button you can recalibrate , budget and timing simply.

Michelle Thompson, Tourism Director about here experience with it thus far.

How did you decide on Yourtour:

MT: I met them at  NAJ Summit West and was intrigued with the itinerary builder as we had just spoken to our ad agency about creating something similar and it was prohibitively expensive.  The yourtour application allowed us to add all members,  it fit our needs and allowed us to select the criteria for each business for about a quarter of the cost.

What has been your experience?

MT: It took a few months to work through the details, and we had to physically input all the information, but using a third party platform meant we don’t have to keep up with the technology trends nor do we need to worry about mobile and social applications. They had the  database and we went in and entered our information and it’s embedded on our site.  And though the trip builder has only been live for about three weeks, we’ve already received feedback from some members as to how cool it is.


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