ETSummit: Session Summary #3: Tips and Trends for Meetings and Events

Session Summary #3: Going Digital: Tips & Trends for Meetings and Events

A diverse panel representing marketers and the meetings industry brought eTourism Summit attendees up to date in a discussion entitled “Core Trends in the Way the Meetings and Events Industry is Using Digital Marketing.”

 Brianna Haag, SF Event Evangelist at Eventbrite spoke from the ticket seller and event promoter side. Facebook is where it’s at, she says. When Eventbrite completed its integration with Facebook, it had a huge surge in ticket sales.

 Eventbrite’s Facebook facts:

  •  An event attendee has an average of 130 Facebook friends.
  • The outreach of someone with 130 friends is 16,900 people.
  • Facebook connections bring in an average of $2.52 in additional ticket sales.

 Arianna Petkevicius, VP of Social Media Services at Sparkloft Media, suggests carefully evaluating the level of experience and knowledge of a group and planning the social media component accordingly.

 She recommends:

 Determine the size and social media ability of the group to create an appropriate social media plan.

  • Don’t push people out to platforms that they might not be ready for.
  • Make the agenda itself social. Do YouTube videos. Use your B-roll and add something special for attendees. Welcome the influencers and keynote speakers with videos.
  • When the size is big and social media interest is high, like at South by Southwest for example, spend more time and reach out earlier. These attendees expect a variety of platforms to be integrated into the event.

 Elizabeth Brown, a meeting planner with B Line Events gave the meeting planner perspective and introduced some powerful tools:

  • Empowermint, a great way to connect with CVBs and compare destinations by what they have to offer.
  •, a unique database of hotel rooms that tells which are good, which are bad, which have the best views, etc.
  • Google Maps to create custom maps for special interests like museums or sports venues.
  • LinkedIn groups for conferences. Brown organized a conference five years ago in which all of the content was created from discussions in LinkedIn groups, and some of those groups remain active today.
  • Facebook for events that are open to the public to spread the word near and far.





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One response to “ETSummit: Session Summary #3: Tips and Trends for Meetings and Events

  1. very interesting comments, Facebook is a great tool to communicate to your network about events as is Linkedin. A lot of event planners use both channels to generate interest and ultimately ticket sales for their events.

    Hopefully I will be able to attend one of you’re events this year

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