Interview: Tourisme Montreal’s 100% Web Strategy

Following e-Tourism Summit in New York City in October, we asked attendees to rate the content and presentations.  We decided to invite four of the top ranked presenters to the e-Tourism Workshop in Las Vegas, December 9th.  What follows is a brief interview with Emmaneulle Legault, Director of Information Technology,  about their strategy to go 100% on the web.

Q: Can you tell us something about Tourisme Montreal that very few people know?

A :We are a private, non-profit organization, with about 80 employees. At the heart of our work is marketing and communications. For 2010-2013, we are focusing on content outreach, merging Communications, PR, and Tour and Travel departments, and creating brand ambassadors who push content outward to journalists, bloggers, travel agents and tour operators.

 Q: What prompted your decision in 2009 to go 100% interactive marketing?

A:  In the grand scheme of things, the decision came as a result of our conversion objective, which is a response to the current challenging economic conditions that face our biggest leisure markets in the United States. This led us to enhancing the idea of Montréal as an ideal short-term getaway destination; to showcasing our Sweet Deal (2nd night at half price) packages to the city; and to assisting potential visitors in planning their stay in Montréal (given the fact that 80% of people make their destination decisions online).

Q: What has been the impact on P.R. where you had previously advertised?

A:  There was actually no real impact. Our sales and editorial workforces have well-defined actions, and as long as there is a story to tell, visibility is there.

Q: What were to tools you used?

A: 100% web strategy. We are present on travel and lifestyle sites, with banner ads and content integration. We have a Web 2.0 strategy, awareness objectives, and brand ambassadors outside of our usual ecosystem. We are on Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook, and in the process of maximizing visibility through Foursquare. We also have a blog that focuses on letting visitors know what to do when they are in Montréal.

To learn what the results were for 2009 and how 2010 is progressing to date, attend the e-tourism Summit Workshop at  (Note previous e-Tourism attendees receive a $300 discount off the $895 rate. )


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