Is it possible to use Twitter for SEO?

By  now, plenty of businesses get the concept of search marketing: ensuring that customers can find you when they do searches on major search engines like Google or Bing. But you can do search marketing on Twitter, too. You just have to think differently about your approach.  Read more:

Why Marketers Often Belly Flop On Facebook. There are 500 million fans on Facebook. Unfortunately, for marketers, interacting with brands is low on their list of reasons to be on the site. That hasn’t stopped marketers from targeting them –  or from making mistakes as they do so. A new study by ExactTarget, Facebook X-Factors, suggests companies rethink their approach to Facebook marketing –  or at least reconsider why their customers are on Facebook in the first place. Read more:

Four of the 22 session at this year’s E-Tourism Summit, October 12-13th in NYC will address these topics and more.



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