7 Tips For Choosing a Social Media Provider

Social media, and all the hype that comes with it, has sparked changes in many industries. In the analytics industry, new companies have formed and new alliances have popped up to help companies garner insights from all the public dialogue.  With all the new technologies and approaches at our fingertips, a new market of service providers is poised to capitalize on companies’ struggles to sift through and manage all the chatter. http://tinyurl.com/28pm8pw

E-Tourism Update: New session added:  Pimp My App: How to Use Viral Solutions to help spread the word about your new App and we are up to 23 confirmed presenters.   http://www.etourismsummit.com/e-tourism-summit-2010-main-event-agenda.html


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One response to “7 Tips For Choosing a Social Media Provider

  1. With the fast pace and ever-changing social environment it is very difficult to weed out the “wanna be” providers from proven professionals. And its not just performance. It’s also about keeping your brand out of controversy or handling crisis communication.

    One way to do that is to give that company 60 days to make a significant and measurable difference. You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

    BTW, looking forward to speaking again this year!

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