Is it really Branding vs ROI.

Can you have your cake and eat it, too? In the last two years, as the financial crisis escalated and our economy struggled, clients focused like a laser on their return on investment (ROI). This makes complete sense, as marketing budgets have come under increasing pressure and scrutiny, resulting in the need to measure and evaluate the effect of every marketing dollar spent. And to be honest, this should really be standard practice regardless of the economic environment.

But in tough times, ROI-speak is ubiquitous. And if taken too far, this kind of thinking can promulgate the idea that brands must choose between generating brand awareness or producing ROI. Often, the decision is, “I don’t need awareness. I want ROI!”

In our view, this kind of thinking is backwards. Because in reality, brand awareness is never at odds with ROI. On the contrary, awareness is actually a primary driver of ROI.  See more:

This post was written by Bob Prewitt, a newly recruited presenter at E-Tourism Summit in NYC.



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