DMO earns revenue selling deals to Facebook fans

CVB finds new revenue source by selling deals to Facebook fans. We caught up with Bill Karz, director, online marketing for LA Inc, who has adopted a most unconventional approach to social media, beginning with the way he built his Facebook fan base and how he uses Facebook to sell LA products to his fans.
E-Tourism: How did you ramp up Facebook to 125,000 fans so quickly.
There was already a LA Facebook page outside of the bureau’s control that had 90,000 fans on it. By tracking down the very first fan I was able to determine that a young Armenian kid living in Austria had created the page, probably built sometime in 2008. I told him that I represented the City of LA and wanted to merge his Fan base with ours. By merging our Facebook pages together we picked up 90,000 fans, of which 80% were from international locations.
ET: How did you build your organic Fan base originally?
We ran a 30 days/30 nights promotion in which we gave a room away each night using different member properties. The fans had to answer trivia questions about each hotel partner which could only be found on the hotel’s website related to special offers that they were interested in promoting. Once users had the answers they had to register as an LA INC. fan to be part of the contest and we were attracting 400-500 entries each day. It built traffic to our partner’s site and increased our fans on Facebook.
ET: Are you in the retail business selling LA deals through Facebook?
We’re working with to provide incredible deals that we’re selling through Facebook (similar to Groupon). Today’s offer is for a Keratin treatment at a Beverly Hills salon that our fans get for $167 that normally sells for $500. The bureau receives a 5% commission on each sale and the fans have a reason to come back.
ET: Why did you managers ask you to attend the ET Summit Workshop? We’re always trying to find out what others are doing to look for inspiration in continuing to develop and advance our social media strategy. It never hurts to listen, and the summit is a great opportunity to share ideas.



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2 responses to “DMO earns revenue selling deals to Facebook fans

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  2. Elena

    Bill, what do you mean by “merging Facebook pages together”? Did he just post a message linking to your page, or something else?

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