Airline Survey Top 10: “Any less legroom, and I’d have to check my legs.”

TOP TEN RESPONSES FROM ZAGAT’S  AIRLINES SURVEY:  The just released Zagat 2009 Airline Survey—it  covers 16 domestic and 73 international airlines, as well as 30 domestic airport—contains no surprise insofar as consumer ratings of air travel is concerned: it has declined in quality. What does make interesting reading from the opinions of 5,895 frequent fliers and travel professionals (e.g. travel agents) who collectively took 97,600 flights in the past year are the open-ended comments about airline service quality. From the survey news release, here are some of them:


#10. “Another contender for the ‘Passengers Come Last’ award.”

#9. “Basks in its adequacy.”

#8.”Asked why we didn’t have blankets, the steward said ‘so they could give the execs bonuses.'”

#7. “I expected a coin slot for the toilet.”

#6. “They still serve bad airline food, so retro!”

#5. “Cabin staff has been on duty since Sherman sacked Atlanta.”

#4.”Should I have to pay extra for my knees?”

#3. “If there was any less legroom, I’d have to check my legs.”

#2. “At least you don’t have to pay extra to have your luggage delayed.”

#1. “The miracle airline … 23 wheelchair passengers pre-boarded, but only four need them after landing.”


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