E-Tourism Presenter Spotlight: Sue Norton, The Travel Channel

E-Tourism update: We are now up to 28 experts and success stories at ETS. go to: www.etourismsummit.com for the most updated program.

E-T Summit Presenter Spotlight: Susan Norton, Travel Channel Studios

Session: DIY Video Production: October 13th: 9-12:00 noon.

sue_norton_10_thumb[1]1. What is your background in film and video production?

I’ve been a producer of non-fiction tv and film for the past twenty years.  I am currently Vice President of Travel Channel Studios where I’m responsible for developing and overseeing the production and fulfillment of original short form content for all of Travel Channel Media’s platforms including TV, Web, VOD, Mobile and external partner platforms.  I also oversee Travel Channel Academy, a 4-day weekend video bootcamp for travel passionates.  I served as an executive producer at Discovery Networks over original programming for 10 years and director of production at Military Channel.   I’m a native New Yorker, but have worked in the Washington DC area for the past 18 years.   I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Producing Film and Video from The American University and a B.A. from Brown University.

2. What do you hope attendees will take away from your workshop at ETS?

I would hope they walk away with a general idea of what it takes to produce a basic travel video, whether they’re shooting and editing from scratch or utilizing existing video to make a solid short travel video.   I would hope that attendees could walk away with an idea of how video could help them further their message and the options available to producing or acquiring travel video.  I will be bringing one of my  Preditors (producer-editors), Tiffany Burnett, short-form video travel guide, to help with detail demonstrations.

 3. What is your role with Travel Channel Academy?

I manage the editorial aspects of the TCA program, specifically overseeing curriculum development and marketing along with our partners, Rosenblum and Associates, who facilitate the course instruction.  One of our main objectives with regards to TCA is working with academy alumni by providing feedback to those who submit videos after completing the course and identifying future talent who might provide us with video content in the future.   

4. Where are your favorite places to travel?

It’s hard to choose one particular location, as I really enjoy seeing all the different types of people and places around the world, however, one of my favorite places to travel is the UK, specifically London and Ireland.  I love the energy and history of London and the adventure and people of Ireland.  My most memorable trip, however, was to Machu Picchu in Peru…unforgettable.

5. What do you do to relax with your family or friends?

When I get the opportunity to relax with friends, I actually prefer cooking a meal and hanging out around the table, noshing and talking without any time pressures or taking a long walk in the woods.

6. What trends do you see on the horizon with travel video?

Now that travel video is available on so many different media platforms from TV to VOD to web and mobile devices, it’s critical to understand the distribution method in order to produce the right product.  In addition with the importance of search engine optimization, tagging travel video with the right metadata is critical to getting your content and message out there and noticed.     In every case, however, quality is king.  We’ve seen a trend over the past year of popularity migrating away from amateur quality user-generated video to higher quality professionally produced video.



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2 responses to “E-Tourism Presenter Spotlight: Sue Norton, The Travel Channel

  1. Jenn

    Your website no longer works. Where can I get more information?

  2. Deborah

    Thank you for inspiring amateur videographers and travelers! The TCA sounds amazing.

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