More than 300 DMO’s on Twitter

A new study “ The Tweet Elite,” released by destination marketing firm Development Counsellors International (DCI) examined  how nearly 3,000 tweets from the largest CVBs in the country over a 30-day period in May.

Conclusions: Baltimore, Fort Lauderdale, New Orleans, San Francisco and Tampa Bay were the top U.S. destinations to market their cities via Twitter in May.

 The study also documents what, exactly, these travel marketers are tweeting about, though not necessarily how effective those tweets are at strengthening business.

The breakdown:
– Announcements about upcoming local events and news—54 percent
– Social tweets—28 percent
– Replies to followers—20 percent
– Deals (both travel and non-travel related)—17 percent
– Re-tweets from community partners—13 percent

You can hear the full story behind the study from Malcolm Griffiths DCI, at this year’s E-Tourism Summit October 13-14th in New York City along with 25 other presenters.

What Can You Learn From the 25 Companies presenting at E-Tourism Summit in NYC?

  • The Travel Channel (How to make your own short form video out of b-roll film, or from scratch)
  • Google: ( What new products Google has under it’s hood for travel marketers)
  • TripAdvisor: (How to deal with bad reviews)
  • Razorfish (The top trends that will dictate the future of travel marketing)
  • Brink Media (How to develop, market and promote an I-Phone App for travel companies)
  • Travelzoo (How to drive more traffic  using new e-mail techniques)
  • Comscore: (How the state of the online industry is evolving to travel information sites)
  • Video Egg (How a new ROI –return on involvement–)can build quality traffic to your site
  • Bing (How a “Decision Engine” can help travel companies)
  • Jennifer Barbee, Inc: (How “heat charts” are used to develop high-performing websites)
  • Trip Films  (How to bring a destination to life through video)
  • Travel 2.0: (Building your presence on Twitter, Digg, Facebook in an E-Tourism Workshop)
  • Red Tettamer Agency: (How PA  created a love story to drive viewers to videos)
  • Loundoun County CVB: (How they won an Emmy  for the videos stories on their site)
  • Go See Tell: (How Travel Portland developed 8,000 followers on Twitter)
  • Spokane CVB (How to use Twitter in the best way)
  • R Levin Marketing (How a 17 room Atlantic City B&B beat out major casinos Google rank)
  • .Com Marketing (How to maximize SEM in light of the latest tools and changes)
  • McPheters & Company: (How to compare branding ROI from print vs TV vs Interactive)
  • Visit Denver (How they created an effective text messaging campaign & what they learned)
  • Visionary Consulting: (What to do when analytic reports from Google and Webtrends conflict)
  • Miles Media: (A former Meeting Planner discusses how to create sticky content for them)
  • Campaigner: (How to get more recipients to open your e-mails)
  • Madden Media, e-Brains, Miles Media: (How to generate new traffic to your website)
  • 97th Floor: (How to manage an SEO and SEM campaign overseas)
  • Development  Consultants Int’l: (Who are the Twitter Elite?)



  • Town Hall Meeting (How to lobby boards, bosses and legislators to expand budgets)
  •  “Elevator Pitches” from companies offering new applications to travel marketers.

 You can find it all at E-Tourism Summit October 13-14th in NYC. Go to: to register.


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