What is America’s Least Favorite City?

What Are America’s Least Favorite Cities?  Portland turned out to be the big winner in the latest TripAdvisor survey of its website users. In its American city survey of more than 3,400 U.S. respondents registered their opinions on the best and worst of major U.S. cities. Travelers named Portland the most underrated U.S. city, as well as the cleanest U.S. city. Detroit, however, was not well received by travelers, as it was considered the least favorite, least healthy, and dirtiest U.S. city.  And, it’s clear that travelers have a love/hate relationship with New York: it was rated “Most Friendly” city, and “Least Friendly” City within the same survey.  A snapshot of TripAdvisor findings follows:

Favorite City

1. New York City

2. San Francisco

3. Chicago, Boston (tie)

Least Favorite City

1. Detroit

2. Los Angeles

3. Atlanta

Most Underrated City


Most Overrated City

Las Vegas

Most Economical City

Las Vegas

Most Expensive City

New York City

Sexiest City



Most Boring City


Cleanest City


Dirtiest City


Healthiest City


Least Healthy City


Friendliest and Most Helpful City

New York City

Least Friendly and Helpful City

New York City

Best Free Attractions

Washington D.C.

Most Romantic City


Nicest Sounding Accent


Most Annoying Accent



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One response to “What is America’s Least Favorite City?

  1. Apparently you need to have an ocean near you to be awesome.


    Jake, I’d like to see the geographies represented by this survey. Seems like typical coastal bullshit to me. Come to Minneapolis. You’ll freak out. It’s 116.5% cleaner than Portland. 🙂

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