Hotel Prices Dropping, Dropping, Dropping…nationwide.

TRENDS AND RESEARCH Hotel Prices Dropping Nationwide: It is April 2009 and’s monthly Hotwire® Hotel Rate Report shows us that Tampa leads major U.S. cities in hotel priced reductions and that New York City hotels studied in the report had prices drop 29 percent. The complete list follows. Top 10 hotel Price Reduction Markets for April 2009 Market & Rank Price Drop Type Example of a current Hotwire price per night

1. Tampa -31% Four Star $88

2. San Antonio -30% Three Star $82

3. Vancouver, BC -30% Four Star $91

4. New York City -29% Three Star $139

5. Portland -23% Four Star $96

6. Orlando -22% Four Star $87

7. Chicago -21% Three Star $65

8. Toronto -20% Four Star $72

9. Miami/Ft. Lauderdale -20% Three Star $76

10. Las Vegas -19% Four Star $93

Source: Results are calculated by looking at Hotwire stay dates for select regions in the current month, and comparing prices in the current month against Hotwire prices in the same month in the prior year. Map Sites Excluded.


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