Using Metrics to Navigate Through The Downturn.

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Apologize for the late post this week, but I was in Banff, Canada this week for a site inspection (no, not for E-Tourism Summit). 

 With the economy struggling and budgets being reduced, US marketers are focusing on quantifiable tactics to get their messages across.

iMedia found that the majority of marketers were dedicating their firms to measurable, ROI-driven strategies. While some were keeping plans the same, even fewer were abandoning new marketing initiatives.

What is preventing marketing executives from moving more funding into the online space?

Respondents to the survey said that dependence on traditional measures, corporate culture, departmental inertia or fear and a lack of metrics were the largest roadblocks to further allocation.

This article includes a chart showing the primary reasons why marketers are not devoting more dollars to digital marketing.


We need your opinion.  Among the new content under consideration for E-Tourism Summit, October 12-13, 2009 in NYC, are sessions that will help attendees develop  skills that will reduce their organization’s dependence on outside vendors (and help justify the expense to attend). One suggestion, inspired by a conversation with Marissa Thomson from Albuquerque CVB, was to develop a workshop to help attendees develop new (or edit existing b-roll) video for online use, thereby savings costs.  Let us know your thoughts either by adding them to the comments below or by e-mailing them to me at   



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