Gail Sterrett, a highly respected industry marketing executive, passed away recently.

 The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has reported that Gail Sterrett, its long-time director of marketing, passed away unexpectedly on Monday, Feb. 9. She was a frequent attendee at past E-Tourism events and headed the destination’s online marketing strategy. After she did not report to work that morning, bureau staff called her family, who later discovered Sterrett at her home. Details of her death were not disclosed. Officials at the Monroe County Coroner’s office said the cause of death still is pending.

She would have celebrated her 25th year with bureau this coming April. “One of the most valuable assets the Poconos had has passed away,” Bob Uguccioni, longtime executive director of the PMVB, said.  Carl Wilgus, current executive director at PMVB, said she did not come to work on Monday, which worried staffers enough to call her family.Wilgus said it was her family that found her.

“It is a sad day for not only our bureau but the entire Pocono Mountains tourism industry,” he said in a statement. “We lost a champion and promoter who dedicated herself fully to this organization and its mission. He said he hired Sterrett at the PMVB 25 years ago — her 25th anniversary at the organization would have been in April — and in that time, he said she was one of the most dedicated employees he ever saw.

She will be sadly missed.


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