“State of The American Traveler” January ’09

I’ve just returned from an Industry Outlook Seminar organized by the San Francisco CVB and wanted to share with you some of the information that you might find pertinent.


David Bratton, founder Destination Analysts, (and a presenter at the past two E-Tourism Summit events) released the results of the company’s recentState of The America Traveler  survey, conducted in January of 2009.


Some highlights:

■In a comparison to the results of the survey in 2008, the consumer’s primary concern was uncertainty about the abrupt rise in fuel prices and decline in the stock market. In a similar survey conducted in January 2009, the consumers is worried primarily about their loss of wealth.  In 2008, sampled consumers planned to take an average of 5.5 trips during the next 12 months; in 2009 that was reduced to 4.7 trips–about 15% decrease in trips.



How will various “types” of vacations be affected?

48% said they would take fewer thrill –seeking vacations .

51% said they would be less likely to extend their stay.

41% said they would be less likely to take a trip in which they hoped to find romance. (i.e. singles vacations)


■ What percentage of visitors to DMO websites have yet to make up their minds about visiting?

Destination Analysts conducted a special project  to determine the extent to which those visiting the San Francisco website had not already decided to visit the destination and thus could be affected by marketing elements on the site. According to preliminary findings, Bratton revealed that 28% of the visitors were not yet committed to the destination and were potentially convertible.


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