How 40 Of The Best Brand Are Twittering.

Twick or Tweet? We all know brands are using Twitter — whether or not you want them around. Some of them don’t quite get the medium and just tweet self-serving links or marketing B.S. but you won’t find any of those brands on this post. Jennifer Van Grove at handpicked 40 of the best brands experimenting with the micro-blogging platform, –including five travel brands (Marriot, Hertz, Luxor Hotel, Jet Blue, Southwest)–and asked them a few short questions about how they’re using Twitter and to respond in 140 characters or less. Most of them got the point, a few rambled on a bit too long, and only asked me if “u” was acceptable in lieu of “you.”  Smart brands are using Twitter in meaningful ways, and most of them use their brand name as a way to make sure customers can find and recognize them. “This piece, and the knowledge I learned from the incessant hours invested, demonstrate why brands do belong on Twitter. No other medium gets you inside a business or brand quiet like Twitter.”

See how they’re using twitter on this article.


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