10th Anniversary of E-Tourism Summit To Be Held in…

New York, New York

E-Tourism Summit 2009 - New York

…New York, by a slim margin.

First, thanks to everyone who voted in our impromptu poll on the location of the 2009 E-Tourism Summit. While everyone is entitled to an opinion about where the tourism marketing conference should be held, the democratic, but unscientific, voting process helped us decide on a location.

As the polls closed last night at 5pm PST, NYC was ahead by a nose (51% to 49%) over San Francisco to be next year’s host for the E-Tourism Summit.

That got us thinking and considering the possibility of holding both an East Coast and West Coast edition of the conference. No final decisions have been made on dual shows, but consider this a “Save the Date” announcement that the 10th Anniversary of E-Tourism Summit 2009 will be held in New York City, tentatively at the Marriott Marquis Hotel, October 12-13th.

E-Tourism Summit 2009
October 12-13th
Marriott Marquis Hotel
New York City

Again, this is tentative and we will be providing additional details in the future. But for now, mark your calendars and add the conference in your travel budget…E-Tourism Summit 2009 will begin to take shape.


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