Google holds Ad Travel Think Tank in NYC.

Google talks travel...

Google talks travel...

Google Travel Holds Travel Advertising Think Tank in NYC last week.

Last  Wednesday in New York, Google convened more than a hundred travel marketing executives at TravelThink 2008 to offer strategies for boosting business during the what is shaping up to be a travel crisis.

In survey findings presented by JupiterResearch, 94% of travel executives said online advertising would provide the strongest return on investment compared to other media in the next 12 months. Some 20% of travel advertisers will spend more than $10 million on online marketing.

Read the complete story.

Four Communications Strategies with the consumer during an economic downturn.

In light of the recent turmoil in the global financial markets, marketers must step back and assess all of their communications to ensure they are in sync with their customers’ current situation. In this weak economy, marketers must modify their message to respond to customers’ changing perspective.

Read the complete story.


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