Comments (Pros and Cons) about the E-Tourism Summit

Here are some preliminary comments we received from E-Tourism Summit attendees the day following the event.

You may also find comments from attendees that may have been slightly inebriated at the reception on our E-Tourism Summit YouTube channel.

As the organizer, I would rate the event a 6.5 to 7.0 on a scale of 10. Several of the presentations were uneven, which may have been my fault for not being more clear in the instructions that were sent to the speakers and, as you’ll see from the comments below, we took a bit of a drubbing for the room logistics.  That, we promise, will improve next time.

Your comments:

I found the information good but a little too basic in some cases. For next year I think some round-table discussions and more case studies wold be very helpful to CVBs. I really enjoyed Google. Thanks again for another good conference.

-Maresa Thompson, Interactive and Design Manager, Albuquerque CVB

Thank you for another fabulous Summit. This year’s event was wonderful and the presenters were all outstanding. If I had to critique one area which disappointed me, this would be my inability to take advantage of all three workshops. It was tough to have to choose just one when each were equally important to me.

We (Dave, JP and I ) look forward to seeing you again next year.

– Linda Davis, VP Hotel Marketing Group

I thought the conference was excellent and will immediately make sure we have budgeted to attend next year.  I’m looking forward to implementing the many great suggestions and strategies that were shared during the info-packed sessions.  My only complaints, if you can hardly call them that, is that I was brain dead by the second to the last session (one) and (two) I didn’t have any downtime to take care of business back on the east coast unless I missed part of a session (which I hated to do because the info was so valuable).

Your staff is outstanding. Liz was not only attentive in terms of the conference details; she also was a great ambassador for San Francisco.

I would recommend not providing tote bags as they are not necessary and wasteful; or perhaps providing eco-friendly bags that can be used for grocery or market shopping instead of plastic bags.

Thank you for a fantastic conference!

– Mary L. Fugere, CMP, CTIS, Hampton Convention & Visitor Bureau

First of all, thanks to you for providing eBrains a great sponsorship opporunity…a great investment.  Looking at the conference from an attendee for a moment, I probably am passing on to you items that you have already heard, but just for the record.

Content was great…timely, relevant and targeted appropriately *If I’m a user, I think I would like to know a bit more about “what’s this going to cost me?”  I’d be interested to know if your attendees do want to know more about costs…

I know you already know this, but the room set up is really critical and having a room that is much more like where the luncheon was held, would make a better environment for folks.  We’ve all had those challenges.

– Larry Dickerson, Partner EBrains

This was the first E Summit for me and I enjoyed the content of all the sessions I attended.

I would suggest you hire a professional meeting planner to cure some of the logistical problems or at least pay more attention to some very practical issues which were wanting in this E Summit.  First, it is very frustrating to attend any conference where there are endless powerpoint presentations where the rooms are set up with rounds instead of classroom.  Half the people at rounds have to write on their laps or try to use the table while looking over their shoulders at the screen.

In addition, I enjoyed the hotel, but the meeting rooms were not adequate for the conference.  The problem of course is the dimension of the room for visibility of the screen and speakers.  You can’t be the distance from the front of the room that you had in your conference and still not have to look through rows and rows of people who are on the same level as you.  Squeezing everyone up close is a nice gesture, but not the cure.  Rent space meant to handle that size group with adequate AV dimensions so the people at the back can see just as well as those in the front.   I would also suggest that all the presenters provide their power points in advance and you print and include them in your booklet.  It is a lot easier to make notes on the powerpoint instead of trying to copy what is on the screen, take notes and try to listen to the speaker.  I know this was a tech type conference, but the low tech portion was a bit below what I expected.

My own needs were more than met with the substance of the sessions, I found the presenters to be at least average or far above, the commercial messages from each were tolerable.

I would attend again, if I knew you had cured the operational issues.

– David Rosenwasser,Director, St. Charles, MO CVB

This was our first time attending the Summit. I was looking for a “jump-start” into these topics, and your program really nailed it. Even though we are not a DMO or VCB, almost all of the content was applicable to our business — a domestic niche tour operator. The quality of the presenters was excellent, especially considering the relatively small size of the audience, and I made a few potentially valuable contacts. We’ll be back.

– Dan Wulfman, Tracks & Trails

It was so well done and a real “eye-opener” for me.  I can apply some of the points presented to my day to day operations of both departments that I direct. An educational program that makes a mark!

Kudos to you and staff.

– Sandy Leucania, Daytona Beach, CVB


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