Last Minute Agenda Changes for the E-Tourism Summit

Special Impromptu Town Hall Meeting at breakfast Thursday, October 2nd

“What to do first if the financial crisis becomes a travel crisis.” This will be held at 8:30-9:00am in the general session room and, if necessary, continued at 4:30pm at the end of the day on Thursday, for those that wish to remain.

Presenter Updates

There has been a change for session entitled, ROI and Social Networking Strategy at 9:00am, Thursday, October 2nd. Adam Metz of Metzmash will not be presenting due to a philosophical conflict with the conference organizers: i.e. us.   In his place we’ve asked Sally Falkow, partner in Expansion Plus, who teaches seminars throughout the country on the integration of social networking and public relations; and Andrew Eklund, CEO of Ciceron, who has placed several of his clients on key social media sites. Both will be able to provide practical information and advice that is industry-specific.


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