Jacksonville CVB Launches Spoof of “The Office” on YouTube

Jacksonville CVB spoof of “The Office” on youtube.

Last year the Jacksonville CVB launched a clever 10-minute video on youtube that is a take-off of “The Office” and is targeted to meeting planners.  Having re-branded their destination as Visit Jacksonville, the video, which sometimes borders on the hokey, includes several amusing exchanges including one  where one person riding up the building elevator asks an attractive blond women where she works.  “I work for the bureau,” she responded.  “You mean the FBI?” she inquired.  “No, the Jacksonville CVB.” The video is replete with this and other riffs designed to poke fun at the confusion caused by DMO-speak and how it sounds like so much gobbledygook to “civilians” outside the industry.  Kudos to John Reyes and his team for a gutsy and fun approach to launching a new brand.

“Vlog” Launched by Auburn.

It makes one wonder why this hadn’t already been thought of before. The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau in football crazy Alabama is giving Auburn football fans a new source of information for game day. For dedicated Auburn Tiger devotees, the bureau created a video blog, dubbed a “vlog,” devoted to game day news. The blog features information on hotel availability, dining locations, tourism spots and commentary from Auburn’s head coach, Tommy Tuberville, on each week’s opponent. Previous videos have featured demonstrations from the Raptor Center and a look at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail. Robyn Bridges, the bureau’s communications director and host of the video blog, said the blog is generally geared toward Auburn fans visiting from out of town.

Two weeks left until e-Tourism Summit.

There are only two weeks left before the 9th Annual E-Tourism Summit begins in San Francisco this year and as of today, Tuesday, September 17th,  five open spots left.  E-Tourism Summit is the official event of the Online Travel Marketing Network–a gathering of online travel marketers who need to be updated with the most current information each year.  If you’d like to register call 415-339-0578 or visit the E-Tourism Summit website.


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